How do we experience the concept of public land when we can hardly see it?


The Naming is a research project challenging and questioning how, through categorisation and naming, we distance ourselves from aspects of the natural world and the cultural world.

Since 2018 Layzell/Paxton have toured five continents in search of alternative connections and insights, following an intuitive process, in the footsteps of Heraclitus, Arne Naess, a repatriated Maliseet canoe, the composer Hollis Taylor, Strong Grandmothers (of the Central Desert Region), and where the old cars land in Seoul. 

The work includes films, performances, site-specific interventions, photography, takuhon printing and writing. 

You cannot lock the river (Nazim Hikmet)

It was a trio (of birdsong). I couldn’t believe it (Hollis Taylor)

I don’t see a way to return (Tayla Paul)

The stench of colonialism has saturated each of its participants, and the honor inherent within their names must be revoked. (Natalie Alonso – Inside the Movement to Abolish Colonialist Bird Names)

 Deep ecology is the only way to go (Layzell/Paxton)