The Greatest

Colchester Town Wall


The Greatest

Renowned artist and deep ecologist Richard Layzell, whose own ancestors
were uncovered in St Botolph’s Street, returns to Colchester following his
residency during the building of Firstsite, and many projects with Colchester Arts Centre, including the legendary Jumbo Rumba and Falling Phoebe.

Along with his collaborator, maverick ecologist Kino Paxton, Richard is
delighted to announce the Colchester Town Wall as the GREATEST PUBLIC
SCULPTURE IN THE UK. No longer a defence against the followers of
Queen Boudica. This wall is now a vibrant ecosystem, sculpturally incredibly subtle, vast in scale, ever-changing, and until now, completely unrecognised as a piece of great art.

Richard will be in residence at the wall side for 3 days, culminating in a
special ceremony on the final day, where a special guest will cut the ribbon to complete this extraordinary metamorphosis.

Each day will feature live postings on social media @layzell_paxton sharing
fresh discoveries and cementing the new found status of the Colchester Town Wall.


30 June – 2 July 2022

Produced by Colchester Arts Centre


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