Marvell Park

Online exhibition: Marvell Park, Richard Layzell (2021)


Online exhibition: Marvell Park, Richard Layzell (2021)
1 April – 1 July 2021

Marvell Park is a new film produced by Richard Layzell as part of his ongoing work as LUX’s Creative Ecologist engaged with the material and context of Waterlow Park in Highgate where the organisation is based. Tracking the extraordinary year of 2020, the film is a playful and personal mediation on a state of being and interacting with nature and the space of the park. The film continues Layzell’s research project, The Naming which seeks to challenge and question how, through categorization and naming, we distance ourselves from aspects of the natural world and the cultural world.

Watch the full film below.


LUX Moving Image

1 April – 1 July 2021

Marvell Park (2021)
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