Common as Muck

Stroud’s Mucky and Wonderful Commons Renowned performance artist Richard Layzell returns to Stroud this May with his new project Common as Muck. He will be found exploring, investigating and probing the boundaries of the extensive common land that surrounds the town. What secrets are there hidden in the commons? Finding out can be a muckyContinue reading “Common as Muck”


You’re at Ashley’s front door, returning the dibber. ‘Thanks again for this, Ashley.’ ‘Glad to be of service. Get your work done?’ ‘It was perfect, such a simple and effective tool.’ ‘Like me, simple and effective. That’s how Jean used to describe me anyhow. You wanna come in for coffee?’ ‘Thanks, but I was onContinue reading “Kronos”


You find a dark pool outside the Langham Hotel. It’s triangular and does not photograph well. The still image fails to capture this suspended plane of darkness in the road, holding the rainfall. The rain falls and pools, settles and waits, as a heavy lingering and miraculous reflective surface that takes you deep and down,Continue reading “W1”


The city needs a central park and it sits here between the cemetery and the museum. They named it the Halifax Public Gardens.  She arrives early on Sunday morning, wearing a dark blue trilby and a black suit jacket, and heads straight for the green wooden benches, forty of them lined up in parallel rows.Continue reading “iii”


She goes into the museum looking for the Mi’kmaq displays. Yesterday she stood outside Mic Mac Mall holding a sign saying Mi’kmaq Mall as a hurried gesture of defiance and solidarity. Mic Mac, in this form, with a space between the syllables, has a catchy ring of contemporary living and fast food, so why changeContinue reading “ii”


You ask yourself if you could ever live opposite a graveyard or cemetery. And that’s what you’re doing. You walk out the back door, squeeze past the pristine car that’s too large for the backyard, turn right alongside the house and you’re facing the always six lanes of traffic, three by three. The heavy automobile flowContinue reading “i”


You carefully touch the sharp crusts, snapped off in an unconvincing even pattern, brittle, dangerous, demonstrating when stones become aggregate and for effect, the look of it, just lovely, the concrete edge of a huge building at ground level for nudging. The pebbles give strength to the dull grey syrup mass, manufactured offsite and assembledContinue reading “DBC”

The Flash

He takes a shortcut through the park in torrential rain, passing the deserted lake of amusement with its awkward swan pedal boats tethered lifeless at the edge. Now the animation comes from the heavy drops falling, splash, pound and ripple. Momentarily sheltering under the awning of a windowless building he hears the distinctive sounds ofContinue reading “The Flash”


You’re the first through the gate.  You prowl like the dogs packed and ranging in their territorial landscape, silently eyeing each other you are.  It’s clear who’s in the ascendancy.  They’re lying down from vertical to ground level lolling and rolling, hard and defiant. Their colour shifts across each individual, shaded with a subtlety lostContinue reading “Izmir”